Our limit is your imagination...

Native Woodworks is Hawaiian-owned and operated.  We believe it is our obligation to showcase our unique culture to the world.  Therefore, We relish the opportunity to make historically accurate and culturally significant pieces. The research that is done before each project enables our customers to be confident in its accuracy. .  Again, “Our limit is your imagination…”.  We are able to make your original concept a reality in our wood working shop.  We have made notions and theories come to life for private owners and government agencies.  Native Woodworks will help to brain storm ideas for your particular Hawaiiana wishes.

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Paddle2.jpg               Paddle1.jpg

Koa canoe paddle for display at the capitol building for the
State of Hawaii Judiciary.

   S5001215.JPG    S5001189.JPG    S5001220.JPG
We were honored to make O'os for the groundbreaking of the
University of Hawaii's Campus Center Project 2B - Recreation Center
on December 14, 2010!

Oo1.jpgKoaOo15.jpg  Oo2.jpg
O'os for the ground breaking ceremony for Kau'pea
(Department of Hawaiian Homelands newest subdivision in Kapolei)
with engraved brass name plates.

We have done custom wood working for the following companies/agencies:



University of Hawaii


State of Hawaii  Judiciary

Maile Santana Wisler, NWW Webmaster